Back-to-School Checklist!

As the summer winds down, make sure your child is ready for a healthy start to the school year!

Schedule your child’s annual physical with his/her physician:

  • Ensure all immunizations are up to date and meet the school’s requirements
  • Have your child’s vision and hearing checked
  • Obtain a sports physical if necessary


Be sure to inform the school about any allergies your child has, medications your child takes, and injuries your child may have suffered over the summer.

About 1 to 2 weeks before school starts, begin transitioning to a routine that enables your child to get approximately 9 or more hours of sleep (check with your child's physician for the amount that is appropriate for your child’s age). Turn off cell phones and tablets well before bedtime to enable your child to fall asleep faster.

Prepare your child for success at school by ensuring that he/she eats whole grains, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, and that he/she drinks plenty of water!

Create a distraction-free workspace at home that encourages a consistent homework routine.

Remind your child of all safety issues when entering/exiting busses, walking/biking to school, or exiting cars at school.

When it comes to school supplies, be sure to buy a backpack with a padded back and straps, and encourage your child to use both straps in order to avoid back pain.

Please visit our clinic today for your child's annual physical or other health needs -- no appointment is necessary!


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